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My aim is to do 5 kilometres by 5th May and 10 by 10th July 2009. 



So one has gone and injured one’s back. And knee. Am seeing a doctor friend later today – should have an update soon. Hopefully it won’t be serious.



Place: Lake

Total distance: 3.7 kms
Distance run: 2 km
Time: 32 mins

I have been running nearly everyday, but there wasn’t anything new to say about it, so I didn’t feel like updating the page. But today I did 2 km fairly comfortably and wanted to record it.



Place: Lake

Total distance: 3.7 kms
Distance run: 1.2 km
Time: 46 mins

Notes: Could have run longer and faster, but took it easy since my back has not yet fully recovered from carrying a 6-kilo backpack for two and a half-days. Am planning to do the regular walk/run with a load (bag of books, perhaps 6-8 kilos) at least once a week.


Trek Update

From Bangitappal in Mukurthi Wildlife Sanctuary to Sairandhiri in Silent Valley National Park – 42 kilometres. We carried our own provisions and personal luggage. My backpack weighed about 6 kilos.

Day 1:
Bangitappal (TN) to Valakkad (Kerala)
Total distance: 21 kilometres

The first 13 kms through the shola-grassland plateau at an altitude of ~2100 metres. The trail was gently undulating for most part. The 13th kilometre was a climb to Sispara.
The next 8 kms were a steep descent of 1000 metres through rainforest. I have a bad right ankle which got worse during the descent. I also managed to get my left foot firmly wedged between two rocks and had to be ‘rescued’ by M. My knees also took quite a beating and I took quite a while getting through the last 3 kilometres.

Day 2:
Valakkad to Poochipara
Total distance: 13 kilometres

Woke with very sore ankles and back, but found the going pretty easy except when wading through the Kuntipuzha. I also dislike long rest stops. They make it hard for me to warm up and gain a steady pace again. The first 7 kilometres were a descent to the river, which we crossed 4 times. After that was a goodish climb to the anti-poaching camp where we were staying. The final stretch was treacherously slippery although not steep.

Day 3:
Poochipara to Sairandhiri
Total distance: 8 kilometres

This was a very leisurely and easy descent which we completed by lunch-time, having left a while after breakfast.

I find descending, especially steep descents far harder to manage than climbs. I wonder: 1. if we use very different muscles while stepping down than while climbing. 2. if there is any way to strengthen these muscles specifically and to get my knees in better shape.
On the whole I was quite pleased with finding myself fitter than I thought I was. But there is a Lot of room for improvement.


13th to 15th March

Place: Trek from Mukurthi Wildlife Sanctuary to Silent Valley. I think of it as cross-training.

Details on distance and other things will be available when I am back.




Place: Lake

Total distance: 3.7 kms
Distance run: 1 km
Time: 43 mins




Place: K’halli Lake, located in the University grounds. A lovely place to see several species of waterfowl. Pelicans and painted storks abound in this season. Lots of reed beds – good for sightings of crakes and rails. Under threat from a 5-crore lake ‘development’ project.

Total distance: 3.7 kms
Distance run: 1 km
Time: 45 mins




3 responses to “Running

  1. Yeah! Go girl!

    🙂 Thank you for the inspiration, Ammani!

  2. Maybe I must take inspiration and graduate from an amble to a walk. Hmmm.

    I hate to tell you this, but if the aim is to get some exercise, ‘ambling’ won’t help at all! Try about an hour’s brisk walking, at 4 kmph at least. Your lake is such a lovely place to get fit!

  3. This is very interesting I say 🙂 Good luck!

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