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Internet on the Shatabdi

Free wireless internet. On the Shatabdi Express. Discovered entirely by accident. Provided by a Chennai-based company called Zylog. Being used to post this.

Clearly, I am too thrilled to speak (or type) in full, coherent sentences.

Updated to ask: Who does one thank for this marvellousness? Been trying to locate a number to call, an email or regular mail address to write to, a name I can use in what is likely to be a rhapsodic communication, but can’t find anything. May have to resort to writing a letter to some editor. 🙂


Good news. Not.

Someone has made the ‘ideal’ Google news page, complete with all manner of ‘good news’ ranging from freedom for Tibet to new books in the Harry Potter series. I smiled, giggled even. Then I clicked the links.

The Chinese withdrawal from Tibet links to a real-life story about the al-Queda resurfacing in Pakistan. The one about Iraq goes to a report on explosions in Islamabad. Potter news links to a bitchy piece about Victoria Beckham. I didn’t want to click anymore.

The contrasts wiped the smile off my face, reality was a resounding slap.

Perhaps not knowing that better things are possible is preferable. If we think this is the best we can have, we may actually learn to be be happy with it. Won’t we?