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I want a popotamus. Now.

Once upon a time…

Somehow Vimeo won’t embed. Click on the link and watch. Immédiatement!


Sheep Art!

Quite amazing! And funny.

Pattam, prashasti, puraskaram

It is all a little embarrassing really. Not even four months into existence and we already have an award. From not one, but two sources. First from him who was poor but is now an Imam. And then from her of the twice-born blog. Exalted company indeed.

But we do wonder a little at the appropriateness of it all – the award says it is for blogs that are brilliant in both content and design. Judgment of the first category is left to discerning readers, but the second is hardly something we can take credit for – using as we do a predesigned template from WordPress. So we hereby give credit where due – will Sadish please stand up and take a bow? A big hand to him, ladies and gentlemen! Good, good. Thank you all. Please resume your seats.

Also, we are required to share the joy. This is the hard part. Most blogs we’d like to award have already got the prize. Moreover, we don’t read too many blogs, just a handful. So we are going to break the rules somewhat and award only three others.

1. Ammani of filthy, funny, flawed, gorgeous. Her Quick Tales are brillante without question.

2. Mercury who uses fuzzy logic to crack ’em jigsaws.

3. Aishwarya of Kaleidoglide, who has never heard of us, but whose badinage we enjoy thoroughly.

Here’s a quick copy-and-paste of the rules awardees must follow, else prepare to have their digits rot and fall off while they are asleep.

This award is for blogs whose content and design are brilliant as well as creative.
The purpose of the prize is to promote as many blogs as possible in the blogosphere.
1. When you receive the prize you must write a post showing it off, and link back who whoever awarded you.
2. Choose 7 other worthies.
3. Link to them in your post and inform them that they have won.
4. Buy Swaroop beer.

That’s all folks!