Kapila, by night

You lie there

Darkly welcoming
opaque, glistening

I enter you with caution
The piercing almost belies
Your come hither waves

And slowly, skin by skin
I am within
And realise how warm
Your icy embrace really is
And how private to me

Knowing true coldness waits
To greet me when I emerge.



3 responses to “Kapila, by night

  1. Lovely poem. But I’m afraid I didn’t get the association with the name. Please give the context. *sorry about being dense*

  2. Hi Shankari
    You are always so kind! Kapila (=Kabini) is a river, a damn sexy one at that! I sat on the bank one chilly October evening, thinking about how it would be to take a plunge.
    Does that help? I’m so sorry if it is, umm, impenetrable. 😦

  3. It makes so much sense now. Thanks for the explanation – Poetry appreciation for Dummies. 😛

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