Monthly Archives: August 2012


when i’m brave i shall wear desire
on my sleeve. little notes all over
my clothes, or perhaps
instead of them

declaring whose arms i want
admittance into,
which knuckle would fit best
against the cave of my collarbone,
whose navel i wish to fill with secrets,
whose lashes, whose elbows,
what nape and what brows.

when we are all naked, we’ll flaunt
our garments of honest desire
and constitute our lovers
in so many parts of so many people

enmeshed and woven,
letting ourselves take, and be taken.


my body dreams of blindness
so i can see you only through my fingertips

construct your sapling skin,
in journeys over sinew and weave

you whisper sighs into my mapless hands
and instantly they know where to go

how to hold, when to curl
and seek what the light does not reach.

my body dreams of blindness
like a child made invisible, shutting her eyes.


I pick up the keys on the way to the door
Knowing it will be so-and-so
Come for the car, to do with it such-and-such.

I pick up the documents along with the phone
The screen telling me it is whatshisname,
Calling to ask for this-code-and-that.

The memory of a heart that races with
Unknowing, at the sound of the bell
The taste of hope on the tongue, when
answering tinny summons. Fading now,
blurred by the certainty of directories,
wiped clean by all-knowing displays.

Maybe they will invent a machine,
for us who long to long.
That when answered breathes softly
Saying little, sighing a little.


a certain blindness is necessary
so our ears may hear

a certain deafness clarifies

and each night, that small silence
singing you to sleep.