Monthly Archives: May 2010

two versions

shorn plumeria nestled
against a naked sky

as i and a bare you

what invincible distances
between the two.




shorn plumeria arms
reach for a naked sky,
as i for a bare you.

what invincible distances
between the two.

A century

Of the sort Dravid was infamous for. The kind that is scored off something like 242 balls. This one almost coincides with a second anniversary. And with 25,000 views.

But the best thing in this week of blog milestones is that someone came here looking for ‘systeth‘!!! What more can one ask for on the occasion?

(And that’s the first time this blog has used three exclamation marks in a row).


swallowing a sudden
in an afternoon
argument you ask,
“have you eaten?
and taken the calcium?”

in that
of a moment
between your question
and my automatic nod

lies surrender.