One year

Most of it out of tune, I suspect.

What did you think?

9 responses to “One year

  1. totally in, congrats!

  2. “Most of this English music is in Shankarabharanam anyway.”

    CongrATS! You’ve achieved in one year what far greater people have taken years to achieve 😛

  3. the parts in tune were mellifluous enough

  4. Ulle, Veliye, Ulle , Veliye..

    Verdict : Ulle!

    PS : I love this space!

  5. Thank you, thank you all!

    To some it may only be six responses, but it is plenty to me.

    Here’s my promise to write more regularly again.

  6. :)))) In tune. Tuning in. Congratulations.

    Nandri, ammani.

  7. I love your poetry. Please don’t ever stop writing, if only for your anonymous readers. 🙂

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