This one was easy

Think of it as a warming up session. It wasn’t so much our victory as their loss. It is the next one that will be real battle, comrades: Modi vs Rahul. If the Congress becomes overconfident (such a big victory cannot be without side-effects) and botches up the next few years, we’ll have a much, much harder fight next time. I feel all melodramatic now: it is not yet time to sit back, let alone sleep in peace. Jaagte Raho!

ps. Chidambaram riding ahead at the very end of the count seemed rather suspicious. Ditto with Shibu Soren and Laloo at Pataliputra. No?

6 responses to “This one was easy

  1. No. It didn’t seem suspicious. 😛

    But I want Chiddu back as FM.

    It did too. It SO did. I can outlast anyone at this yes-no-yes-no kind of argument. So be warned. 🙂
    As for him being FM, I have very mixed feelings about it. Hmm.

  2. suspicious as hell

    but i want chettiar so i be happy

    Why do all you children want him as FM? Really, tell me why. I want to know.

  3. Don’t call me “child”. Take that back. Now.

  4. your blogroll has links to my cousin (swaroop) and friend’s (anita) blogs. since swaroop directed me to your blog, i’m curious about how you know anita.. 🙂

    the congress’ win was surprising … but somehow I have a feeling it will be easy as pie for rahul gandhi eventually… there’s a certain aura to him, which seems to be working wonders for the party already! He played such a huge role!

  5. By the way, I have greatly enjoyed my last half hour on your blog. You’ve won yourself one more regular visitor 🙂

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