September cools,
the laundry flies

Like paintings
brushed against
the skies.

The skies are seas
of azure blue,

And clouds scud
by like sailboats


That picture and poem are part of a hand-painted calendar a friend’s friend made a few years ago. She is an artist who makes her living doing exactly this sort of whimsical and utterly delightful thing.

I have this sheet put up above my desk. Just looking at it transports me to the world of that painting. What could possibly be lovelier than lying on the grass on a breezy, sunny September evening, empty of all thought, watching the washing flying above you? Mind, it is not a complete escape. It acknowledges that the washing has to be done, but also that it will indeed get done just in time to let you lie, pleasantly exhausted from the exertion, on the cool earth and feel the wind blow your cares away.


One response to “September

  1. and i quite like the new header picture too.somehow,it manages to create a balance between the forlorn trepidation at the beginning of journey and the eager anticipation of something new 🙂

    or it might even be a slight rest in the middle of the journey,as the bed in the background seems to suggest…a journey break of sorts to recapture the breath.

    or a shamiyana/hall/house about to be moved,as the packages/cartons in the corner suggest 🙂

    somehow,i suspect it is part of an image of a home,and yet every thing in this part of the picture suggests movement to me-change 🙂

    can we see the complete picture plz? if not on the blog,would you mail it 🙂

    Umm. I hate to do this to you, but it really from a huge used goods sale in a refugee and immigrant dominated neighbourhood in Brussels, Belgium. Everything you can imagine was being sold or bartered, except people and animals. It was colourful, noisy, confused and sometimes, slightly scary.

    Will email the full picture.

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