Internet on the Shatabdi

Free wireless internet. On the Shatabdi Express. Discovered entirely by accident. Provided by a Chennai-based company called Zylog. Being used to post this.

Clearly, I am too thrilled to speak (or type) in full, coherent sentences.

Updated to ask: Who does one thank for this marvellousness? Been trying to locate a number to call, an email or regular mail address to write to, a name I can use in what is likely to be a rhapsodic communication, but can’t find anything. May have to resort to writing a letter to some editor. 🙂

6 responses to “Internet on the Shatabdi

  1. Wow that is cool.. 🙂 I love Indian Railways!

  2. write to laloo?

  3. ya write to laloo! am v impressed!

  4. How like that! We are hep or are we hep!

  5. That Anonymous was me.

  6. Free wireless on Shatabdi, cant believe it, awesome. Nice post!

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