Tender, coconut

My mother had a way
of breaking coconuts
with a single blow
at the right spot.

She rolled the hard
oval, in a sure hand.
A precise sickle, waiting
in the other.

‘Ah’, she said. Before
the word ended, it
had split. White flesh.
Tender, cool, inviting

And scraped quickly
off, by jagged claws
of iron. Soft shards
ripped from a reluctant

Desiccated, dried,
frozen. A daily violence
in an otherwise peaceful

5 responses to “Tender, coconut

  1. wordpress does allow password protected blogs that others can access…will you let me in to the secret of breaking coconuts?

  2. How beautiful …

    Thank you!

  3. lovely! i can never get coconut breaking right.

    Thank you! Nor can I. I’ve learnt to delegate the task to the more skilled.

  4. Now this…is something else! Super!

    Nandri, ammani avargale!

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