Weathering us

When I lie
to you, it rains.

Not a crashing
outraged at my
but a warm
afternoon drizzle
that washes
the window
to our world,
and settles the dust
on last night’s quarrel.

But you dislike the
puddles. They soil
your trouser edge,
make an obstacle
course of your
evening walk.

Perhaps then
you would prefer
a scorching
summer of truth?

8 responses to “Weathering us

  1. i think, one of the best of yours

    Thank you.

  2. Nice!


  3. Lovely piece. Has a flow like one of those read-aloud poems. I read it out aloud and felt the ‘then’ after the perhaps a wee bit redundant (may be because of the way I felt it sounded..)

    Thank you, Vidya. I think all my poems are meant to be read aloud, because I speak them before I write them. And it was precisely because the last line sounded somewhat abrupt in my reading that the “then” was added.

    My poems are open-source – modify to suit yourself!

  4. wow

    Fair winds to you, Buddy!

  5. iwillknowwhenifindit

    Thankyou for this poem.It is lovely.

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  7. Lovely Piece! Read it many times. Beautiful! 🙂

  8. Hi Meena: Thank you very much.

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