A gentle hint of adrak,
A restrained hand on sugar
Quarter cup of milk
The rest is just water.

Yours is the perfect mix
For a cup of chai.
Even with (yucky) Proteinex
Your standards are high.

But the coffee, ah
That bitter brew!
So delicate an art,
Given to so few.

(This is the rewritten version. The original is in the comments.)


9 responses to “Kaapi

  1. so true 😀

    V: 🙂

  2. The original version was shot off over a cup of really bad coffee. I wrote in the time it took to gulp that vile thing down, and as is to be expected, it didn’t turn out quite right. But for the sake of record-keeping, here it is:

    Half an inch of ginger
    Half a spoon of sugar
    Quarter cup of milk
    The rest just water.

    You know how to make
    My tea, and on
    Chilly evenings, even
    My mug of Proteinex
    (delicately brown).

    But the coffee, ah
    That bitter brew
    So precarious an
    Effort. Given to
    So few.

  3. … and it rhymes! (In a vague sort of way)

    Yes, I surprised myself!

  4. Ahh! but *never* trust a stranger to brew you good coffee – and not even some of those you know 😛

    I had trained the spouse in the fine art of serving me the perfect tumbler (w/ dabra) of the early morning fix, but alas, those days are over now.

    (BTW, I like the original version better )

    Honestly, i don’t drink coffee much. Chai is the preferred pick-me-up.

  5. so true. i can make a perfect cup of chai but coffee is totally not my cup of tea! 🙂

    🙂 tea is a much more forgiving beverage, isn’t it?

  6. I thought there would be no more blogs added to my feedreader, but then I found this.

    Cruel world.

    Yes, and heartless bloggers. My commiserations! 😉

  7. I found you through purplesque who I blame for yet another addition to my feedreader. But she’s forgiven because of her love for coffee which overcomes her cultural addiction to chai 😉

    The last four lines are a fitting and true ode to my Amma’s kaapi 🙂

    Welcome here!

  8. i liked the first version so much more 🙂

    Am glad I decided to post it in the comments!

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