Of course I make fun of it, of course I roll my eyes at the programming, of course I tune in only during elections, and only sometimes even then, but I have a lot to thank Doordarshan for.

From the mid-eighties to the early nineties, DD carried a number of absolutely wonderful public service advertisements – many commissioned by the PSBT, some by national programmes like the Literacy Mission and a few others privately produced. Among this galaxy of truly well-made advertisements was this one, which I loved:

A few years later I learnt that the song was in Raag Bhatiyar, a simple but lovely melody. My aunt knew a Marathi hymn in the raag, which I made her sing over and over, but never managed to learn.

So Bhatiyar had fallen out of my consciousness for nearly a decade, when I discovered this a couple of weeks ago:

A vachana (who sings them anymore?) by Akka Mahadevi in Bhatiyar with the lyrics explained! Was I delighted!


4 responses to “Bhatiyar

  1. I shall look for some more Bhatiyars in my collection for you

    Thank you! It was listened to and greatly appreciated by all!

  2. Lovely vachana

    Yes, isn’t it? There’s another one here.

  3. I love, love, love his voice!!

    There was a time I used to listen to classical music pretty regularly…..have lost touch now. Thanks for putting this up!!! You reconnected me to the music.

    Glad you liked it!

  4. Have you seen this:

    Oh yes! Seen long ago and totally forgotten! That series was (is) amazing!

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