The new lampshade
hangs quietly in the
corner. An easy
zephyr wafts in,
stops and stares
at the intricate
dance of light
and shadow.

Curtains, cushions
even the stodgy
coffee table
turn to look,
and are arrested
by beauty.

‘Who left the
lamp on?’ she
nearly yells.
A finger flicks,
and a spectacle
to sensible citizenship.

5 responses to “Unseen

  1. brilliant,as usual

    Thank you. But really, not everything here is brilliant.

  2. lovely!

    Thank you. But how about a little criticism, or at least a word other than ‘lovely’? 😉

  3. Hmmm. Is this a sibtle comment on the nuclear deal?

    Is it? Please explain how. Am very curious.

  4. How unfortunate that the inanimate creatures cannot have their share for our heroine’s want of propriety or punctiliousness.

    If a beautiful sight occurs in a forest and no one sees it, is it still beautiful?

  5. Does beauty lie in the eyes of the beholder, even if the beholder is a personification of some inanimate thing? Sort of like talking about Pinocchio’s aesthetics. 🙂

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