One vadai, a forlorn
pile of aviyal. A little
rice. And a lick of

These remain on
your leaf. A petite
appetite. Easily

I sight the
silken payasam.

My heart hungers on.


4 responses to “Unavu

  1. I really like the title.. Unavu.. It seems to perfectly fit this!

    It was going to be Manadirkkunavu (ala Sevikkunavu), but that seemed too unwieldy.

  2. Stunning. Beautiful…

    Am struck by the imagery and the thought. And very jealous that I didn’t write this.

    Thank you, Neha! Make a muse of poramai – write something better!

  3. “A petite appetite.” Have you heard this song called “Blue”?

    “I’m Blue, a petite appetite,
    a petite appetite!”

    Nope – am very poorly informed about popular western music. But I had a feeling it was too clever a phrase not to have occurred to someone else!

  4. lovely!
    but why eat so less?

    How else to remain petite?

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