I dye my dresses
in blood. Nothing else
will yield that peculiar
shade of brown.

Thoughtful as ever,
you present me purple
bruises. I wear them
daily, though they
don’t match at all.

But after a while
your gift fades
and now everything
How utterly boring.

I need a make over.

5 responses to “untitled

  1. very nice…

    Thank you! Although the content is hardly ‘nice’.

  2. Disturbing and lovely, as ever.

    I am disturbed too, that I think of such things.

  3. damn right! disturbing it is!

    Uh oh.

  4. I like this very very much, although it is dark. It touched me more. The others are all beautiful, but, am I the only one who finds some of your poetry very abstract? Nothing wrong with abstract though! And you truly have a lovely way with words.

    I wouldn’t know – they never tell me!
    Thank you for the kind words.

  5. Beautiful.

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