Trying to embed a video unsuccessfully, one experiments with all manner of things and then deletes two posts by mistake. Full irritation and then hajaar sadness only.


8 responses to “Arrgh

  1. And it was a really beautiful post. Aiyo!

  2. Chakli, neha: I fretted and sulked alternately all morning, but now I could hug anyone in arm’s reach. Not that the lost post was a masterpiece or anything. Only that one hates to be defeated by technology.

    aandthirtyeights: 🙂 daanks ba. As you have no doubt gathered, the post has been resurrected.

  3. Aww, Neha, how sweet! By the way, is the dissertation impeding new posts? No activity on your turf?

  4. Have to submit on the 28th, so activities at feverish pace! Which of course doesn’t stop me from coming here! 🙂

  5. Neha: Yayy! For both – completing the thesis and for not getting diverted from diversions.

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