This most graceful of ragams has featured in many blogs lately. First Krish Ashok mentions it in the same breath as onion rava dosa and harp-playing angels, then Swaroop finds love with (in?) it and now, the beautiful Tamizh Penn asks for a boy who appeciates it charms.

One likes.


There’s a rendering of Janani Ninnu Vina by K V Narayanaswamy that I would like to post, but silly wordpress says I need to upgrade to do that. Time to move to my own domain perhaps…

Update: The KVN recording is available here. Thanks, Swaroop!


8 responses to “Reetigaulai

  1. Considering I have novice ears for Carnatic music and have only just begun to wade my way through in the shallow side, would love some direction…

    Would it be too much to ask, for you to email me the song?

  2. You could try these links of “Janani” by KVN. I’d highly recommend this rendition by MDR and this song from recent movie “Subramaniyapuram”.

  3. aandthirtyeights: Thanks. It was the second of the links you posted that I have as an mp3. I wanted to post the file so visitors could listen right here, but wordpress doesn’t allow that for free users.

    Subramaniyapuram has got really good reviews – have you watched it?

  4. Oh. Krish Ashok posts audio files all the time. I thought it was only retrograde Blogger that disallowed this stuff!

    No, haven’t watched Subramaniyapuram yet. ‘Yet’ being the crucial term!

  5. aand: He’s got a paid account then. it is a pain, but I suppose WP/Blogger have got to feed their kids, no?

  6. Reetigowla is an awesomely relaxing ragam. One of my favourite songs in the ragam is “Tatvamariya Tarama”, specifically one rendition by Santhanam. I play it on guitar sometimes, it is easy to play in the standard tuning, rather than the veena-style tuning. I owe many hours of relaxation to this mellifluous ragam!

  7. Nobody has called me beautiful since I was eleven. Compliments are rare to come by these days. Thank you!

  8. ATP: Welcome to these parts! Anyone with such wry humour, delightful insight to character and gift with words, would have to be beautiful, I think. And not the skin deep variety. Tamizh pengal are all azhagu, I feel rather immodestly. 🙂

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