Counting blessings

What a boon it is to have a spouse who loves their job. As a happy consequence of which, you can remain confused into the late twenties, take dramatic career decisions dangerously close to thirty, and finally announce, this is it. And then change your mind again.

What a relief it is that the spouse does not think for a minute that they are ‘supporting’ you and is completely dismissive of your guilt-driven suggestions that providing ‘support’ may be placing undue pressure on them. And what a vindication it is to hear them say that you are perfectly capable of supporting yourself if they didn’t exist.

What a pleasure it is that they wonder at and admire your explorations and wanderings, asking nothing more than to walk alongside, on equal footing, thinking nothing of their immeasurable help in steadying your step.


7 responses to “Counting blessings

  1. Are you me?

  2. MG: Wasn’t, the last time I checked!

  3. well, nice to have so many such spouses in the world!

  4. MG: Yes, may their tribe increase!

  5. tell me about it! I am counting blessings too…!

  6. Priya – 🙂

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