Love in the time of email

I made the mistake today
of opening abandoned mailboxes
of delving into long-forgotten folders
that do not gather
dust moss silverfish
but memories in proportionally-spaced fonts.

I made the mistake of reading
each of the sixty-seven poems
I sent you
the first two years we were married
none of them mine
culled instead from new-age minstrels
but every one of them mine for they
held strung offered
words I could not,
words I smudged with tears
words I lost in laughter.

I made the mistake of looking
for your replies, of lingering
over letters you typed on a keyboard
that now lies forgotten
in a pile of retired technology
modems cables monitors
stacked in the gap
between back door and toilet
of a certain blue-tiled house.

I made the mistake of counting
times you said you loved me (thirty-two)
until your missives moved with me
to my new home
in the nowhere city of unreal addresses.

Recrimination for my misdeeds
has begun,
the punishment of remembrances
sends me to stand in the corner
facing the cobwebbed meeting
of two aliases of silence.


5 responses to “Love in the time of email

  1. Lovely. There’s so much resonance here..

    Email accounts are a dangerous thing. They have a habit of keeping things, that would otherwise be eaten by termites and rats. And once in a while we do make the mistake of digging further in, and reliving missives.. sigh..

  2. I particularly object to the fact that they don’t fade! All letters should. Maybe we can simulate fonts getting pixelated or something…

  3. Beautiful. For this reason I hate delving into some emails even to delete them

  4. Sorry, that was me

  5. mg – Yes, I agree. But (sigh) don’t seem to learn.

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